What is an AxPointPresentation ?

An AxPointPresentation is a XML-based PDF-slideshow.

Included features are:

  • Ability to create slideshows with your choice of background image.

  • Slideshows break down into slidesets, or not at your choice.

  • Slides can show bullet points, source code (fixed font), or images.

  • Slides can have transition effects (dissolve, box, wipe, etc)

  • All elements of a slide can transition in too.

  • Text on slides supports bold, italics, and colours. Colours can be any one of the 16 HTML colours, or defined as hex RGB values.

  • PDF bookmarks to allow direct navigation to any slide.

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How to create an AxPointPresentation:

  1. Chose "AxPointPresentation" from the menu, assign title and location and save it.

  2. To write the XML-code for the presentation you have to use a text-editor.

    The XML-body has to be well-formed.

    For more detailed information about the syntax see the tutorial and the documentation

  3. Copy-paste the XML-code into the XIMS-editor-window of your AxPointPresentation, save and publish it.

    An example of a presentation can be seen here.

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