About the XIMS Project


The XIMS project initially started out as a side project of the reorganization and redesign of the website of the University of Innsbruck, to create a small and simple content management system to manage the University's public web pages. Inspired by an existing information system that was created and used by the Department of Computing Services and an evaluation of the needs of the University of Innsbruck, that intent of pure web content management shifted to the creation of a more generic content management system, which also should be used as an information and communication system.

Concepts and Features

To get a quick overview see the the feature list. For information refer to one of the XIMS slidesets.

Live Sites

See who is using XIMS in production at the Live Sites document.


XIMS has been released under the XIMS License. The current sources are available at the download area.


Test-Drive the CVS version of XIMS at (user: xgu, password: xgu)


Feel free to contact us at or the #xims IRC channel.