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Use this object-type together with XSLStylesheet. Create first a schema as XML-object-type and publish it. Then create the XML-file and link it to the schema. The XML-file has to be linked to the XSLStylesheet by your local XIMS-Support.

The SimpleFormEdit Howto describes these steps. If you do not want to use XML together with SimpleFormEdit, you may omit the restrictions.


See the SimpleFormEdit Howto for an example usage.


See the AxPointPresentation Howto for an example usage.


There are different applications for this object-type:

  • Layout of the department.
  • Layout of a published SimpleDB or ReferenceLibrary: See the SimpleDB Howto for an example usage.
  • Combined with the XML-object-type: See the SimpleFormEdit Howto for an example usage.

Dynamic content


There is Questionnaire-Howto in German.


Vlibraries are basic Digital Library repositories.


SQLReports allow to integrate data from remote RDBMS into XIMS systems.

Reference Library

Reference Libraries store bibliographic data. Reference Library items can be imported and exported using BibTex, MODS, Endnote and other formats.

Searching Reference Libraries

Regular search terms will be used searched for in the lastname field of reference items. If you enter more than one term, the terms will be ANDed - returning reference entries from both authors. Using a field:value syntax, it is possible to look for content in Reference Library property fields. Boolean operators "AND" and "OR" as well as grouping expressions using parentheses can be used for complex queries. Per default, search terms will be used using an inexact match algorithms which can potentially lead to ambigous results for authors who share parts of their lastnames. To find authors using an exact match algorithm, use the lastname:value, firstname:value, and/or author_id:value lookup keys.

  • workgroup:1234 (date:2005 OR preprint_submitdate:2005) project:googol

  • Zweistein serial:"Phys. Rev. Letters" date:1999


The SimpleDB object can be used to manage simple two-dimensional data structures. Using the web-interface, it is possible to set up a simple database using "String", "String options", "Textarea", "Boolean", "Integer", "Float", and "Datetime" datatypes.

See the SimpleDB Howto for an example usage.

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